• Vanished

    Ahmed Masoud

    A fictional story set against the political unrest in Palestine, following a young boy trying to find his father.

  • Rue du Mexique

    Suhail Bulos

    From tales of surreptitious teenage romances in Jerusalem, to day-long curfews during the Lebanese civil war and a renegade rooster in Beirut.

  • Nostos

    Maath al-Alousi

    Despite the layer of a sweet sadness that is suspended over it, the city does not sleep at night...

  • Palestinian Embroidery Motifs

    Margarita Skinner

    The tradition of embroidery is one of the great art forms of village life in Palestine.

  • Glafkos Clerides

    Niyazi Kizilyurek

    An intellectual journey in the modern political history of Cyprus.

  • To Palestine with Love

    Najwa Kawar Farah

    Najwa Kawar Farah relates emotions of love and longing in this moving collection of poetry and paintings.

  • Jerusalemites

    Dr Hazem Zaki Nusseibeh

    As a senior politician and diplomat, the lure of Jerusalem, the city of his birth, remained strong.

  • Lovesong

    Afaf Zurayk

    An exquisite celebration of one of the deepest and strongest of human emotions.

  • Threads of Identity

    Widad Kamel Kawar

    A record of 50 years Kawar spent researching, collecting and preserving part of the Palestinian heritage.


Timeline at a Glance


Founded in 1993 in Cyprus, Rimal Publications has enjoyed an opulent journey of celebrated events, authors, milestones and magnificent books.


First independent publishing house registered in Cyprus

Rimal Publications opened its doors on March 19, 1993 in Nicosia. It was one of the first independent publishing houses registered in Cyprus.


Rimal published its first book in 1994, an Arabic translation of Anne Jonas’ celebrated children’s book Round Tip, a simple yet extraordinarily imaginative story.


Within a year of forming the company, Nora Shawwa took on one of Rimal’s most challenging projects, the first comprehensive Arabic/Arabic dictionary for children, a project that took four dedicated years to complete. 


Much of Gaza's historical heritage has been forgotten

Throughout the 1990's Rimal Publications continued to publish children books in both languages English and Arabic and began to expand its horizons to include history, mythology and travel books focusing on the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean.


In 1995 Life at the Crossroads: A History of Gaza by Gerld Butt was published, the first book on Gaza’s comprehensive history spanning over 3,000 years.


That same year, Rimal Publications began several joint venture projects with Melisende Publishing in London. Rimal worked closely with Melisende to co-publish several titles, starting with a widely successful guide book on Syria’s architectural history - Syria: A Historical and Architectural Guide by Warwick Ball.


Publisher’s vision becomes a reality

After four years of dedication, Rimal Publications introduces the first-of-its-kind comprehensive full-colour illustrated Arabic/Arabic Dictionary for Children in the elementary and intermediate levels, Manhal al-Lughah al-Sagheer was an achievement hailed in educational circles throughout the Middle East.


Continuing its focus on publishing children’s literature, Rimal Publications teams up with author Wafa Tarnawski to bring the ancient Canaanite-Phonecian gods to life in the richly illustrated Dances with the gods.  


The "Animal Farm" of Cyprus

Rimal published the local equivalent of Animal Farm with Geoff Unsworth’s orwellian style story set in the island of Cyprus with cats, rats, snakes and pelicans, Tolou and the Cats of Phaphos was enjoyed by young and adult readers alike. 


The first book to document Palestinian embroidery motifs by name and origin

Margarita Skinner in association with Widad Kamel Kawar introduce a unique book, Palestinian Embroidery Motifs: A Treasury of Stitches 1850-1950, the first to document over 200 Palestinian motifs by name and origin from old dresses.


Rimal launched the book in Amman, Jordan, in 2007. The event was a great success with over 240 guests attending and 35% of the proceeds from the sale of the book were contributed to the Welfare Association in support of projects in Palestine. 


A Historical Journey

Rimal publishes an intellectual journey in the modern political history of Cyprus with one of it's most beloved Presidents, Glafkos Clerides in Glafkos Clerides: The Path of a Country.


Life at the Crossroads New Edition

A new edition of Life at the Crossroads: A History of Gaza, by Gerald Butt, is published and launched under the auspices of the Mayor of Nicosia, Eleni Mavrou. The event took place on a pleasant summer evening at the Municipal Gardens in the capital of Cyprus. A quarter of the proceeds from the sales were donated by Rimal Publications to the Palestinian Welfare Association’s Emergency Appeal for Aid and Support for Gaza. 


World Acclaimed Collection

The renowned collector of Palestinian costumes, Widad Kamel Kawar, collaborates closely with Rimal to publish the first book to cover her world acclaimed collection in Threads of Identity: Preserving Palestinian Costume and Heritage. Unlike any other book in its league, this unique book focuses on the oral history told by the owners of the dresses, the great grandmothers of Palestine.


Rimal also publishes the English translation of award-winning Norwegian author, Odd Karsten Tveit, Anna’s House, a gripping tale of personal struggles in a politically turbulent corner of the world.


Additionally Rimal signs with the Kanafani family to republish the entire collection - in Arabic - of one of the Arab world’s celebrated writers, Ghassan Kanafani. His stories will be reintroduced to new generations of readers packaged in modern bold designs.


Rimal & OR Books Form New Partnership

Rimal started this year on a very positive note with the establishment of a partnership with New York based publishers ORbooks. For more details please visit our partners page.


Iconic author Ghassan Kanafani's complete works are re-published by Rimal

Rimal Publications proudly re-publishes the complete collection - in Arabic - of one of the Arab world's celebrated writers, Ghassan Kanafani. The collection is re-introduced to new generations of readers packaged in modern bold designs based on Ghassan Kanafani's own artwork. For the first time, the Ghassan Kanafani complete works is also available in a collector's box set.


Marking our 20th Anniversary, Rimal Publications moved from the city of Nicosia to a new beachfront office in Limassol, Cyprus.


Rimal in Dubai

Rimal opens its doors in the region. Rimal Dubai is established in the United Arab Emirates.

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